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2018-02-23 05:43:41 (UTC)

Am I Self-worth?

February 23, 2018
Hey am back another entry this one will be about downfalls and coming up of improvements. Even though am very overwhelmed this semester I have the right be, but that isn't going strong me. Am just going Stop not! I am going pass each class if it kills me. So will go back and relearn it I wont let myself drown in the water isn't going to happen. So , for next months it will be me and my education. The dream to finish is near so, I have been at this point last year even this time it is more. So takes the small things that one thing has worked going to tutoring and going to office hours. It worked so much. I have done that it works so I will continue yes there's has been distraction because haven't prepared for. I need to have a job and lately putting on hold because college of am looking for summer would give me chance to get an internship that takes hours. I will back to that. I want a better as a young woman, I think about the relationship with family aren't so healthy. I will admit that I do get discourage that does lack the confidence I have in myself. Taking a page out of music and being successful for the pasted 2 years of improvements. So didn't officially write on here, I just given snips of what happened to me in my art class. So give the tail end it because its too long to give detail information. So am at the terms is there a real use of having a common ground??? When speaking professor would have to say maybe, I wouldn't give it complete simple reply by this because it can do absolute NOTHING for you. This has worked less than 50% for me. I had teacher in high school that flunked me that had to retake and passed, other times in the years in college too. I have put those ones in its own group with a bit of aren't human beings there are destroy yourself worth. I cant easily see that am not only one that fallen into that hole but am tired feeling not capable to proof them wrong despite my limitation of my disability. So is there a solution for dealing with jerks that have that have personality I would say No, not really. Well that's all say about that.Am I Self-worth?.. See you guys later.