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2018-02-22 10:22:45 (UTC)

Important things

Now what are the main things I worry about?

Finance - this is the elephant in the room. Makes me sad as my outgoings is more than my incoming. I have had to cut back a lot and just doing things that are absolutely necessary (on critical path). it has even affected my lifestyle.

Job - I am at the stage now where I need to get a Freelance job as a BA. Done my time with the permanent job. It is the next level and everything in my life is on hold more or less until I get this job. it is important that i focus all my energy towards getting a new job.

Kid School Fees - Well I dont really know what is happening but I have put my foot down on this. If i get a new job I will look at paying my half of the fees for this term in addition to the child maintenance I pay otherwise unfortunately I will have to redcue the fees by the child maintenance I pay as I can't afford anything more.

Love Life - to be honest I am not looking for any serious relationship now. I will only consider such when my house is in order. This will come after I get a new job and I am financially stable. In the meantime I am not even sure about causal relationships - it can be a distraction. What is important now is that I get a new job

Others - there are other aspects of my life that are important. Discipline and ensure that I adhere to my daily duties and routines, learning my Spanish and golf, eating healthy, exercising and being a better Christian.