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me and my life
2018-02-22 04:06:21 (UTC)

Till noww

Hey all
Birthday is done
Shukla shadi is done
Sandhya shadi is done and shambhu engagement is also done

Met with friends has grt day at wedding. Life is just same as it was since 2016, m afraid 2018 is not turning out that good to me. M afraid of stagnancy
I hope i get job soon. I donno why is it always a task for me to get a good job. It hurts that my friend's earn 8lacs package and I earn half of it.
I always keep on thinking abt how can I improve my career or should I try my hands on some business of my interest level but then again what abt capital?

Everything has a problem. V is back at office with hike but not that decent enough. I hope and pray he should get whatever he wish for. He is a darling.
Soon i was thinking to join smm classes just to upgrade my skills, march i have to I have already procrastinated. This is my problem i take lot pf time to docide on things.
These days i am reading Asura. Its not tgat great till page 88.😂

Ok my stop is come cyaaa
Hope for best.

Bless me god also others