Do Not Disturb

2018-02-22 01:43:25 (UTC)

Moving Day

I can't believe we just moved everything in almost one day. The littlest things we have to do is bring dishes and the other small things we need and we're good to go. We have lots of space in the new house. I'm so tired and hungry. That's what you get when you're moving. I just moved everything out of my room with no help whatsoever. I had to carry a huge as bed and tear it apart. The cable company people suppose to be coming by tomorrow around twelve ish. Me and him are going to his hometown yet again this weekend just to get away from home. And guess who will be tagging along yes Erin .... You guessed right... He was also saying that he has been through a lot of things in the past. I don't believe him for one second. But then again you can't judge a book by its cover. He's very confusing. I try and talk to him but its no use he just ignores me. But its whatever. Lets just hope this week will go better than last weekend. I can't wait to go to the movies tomorrow and I'm gonna wear one of my favorite dresses. Yes you can call this a date because its just the both of us. I still have lots to out up at the new house in my room. Mostly books,clothes,ect.... Okay that a lot. We're heading to Wal Mart to get a few extra things for the new house.

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