Do Not Disturb

2018-02-20 22:41:47 (UTC)

A Whole New House

We Just arrived at the new house not to long ago. Maybe a few hours or so. And to just tidy up a bit and we still have work to do. I started writing this horror story called " The Attic" on my wattpad and I just also thought of that idea not to long ago. Me and Ray will be going to the movies this Thursday and it is also the day that the cable and wifi will be cut on for the new house. Thank God for that so, I wouldn't have to waste my data or to be worrying about it going slow even though I have unlimited data and now that I think of it doesn't make any sense at all... Silly me. Lol! Or is it that me being plain stupid... Probably both. I'm super tired at the moment and my mom is out getting some more things from the old apartment to the new house and also as well as some cleaning supplies and as well as something to drink because I'm thirsty as fuck. Lol! I have a dirty mind. I sent Erin a message... A long one at that. Telling him that to just not look or talk to me ever again because he seem to be doing a great job at that a lot lately. I hate having him tagging along with me and Ray everywhere we go. Because my boyfriend says that he doesn't really go anywhere. He seems fine to me. I thought it was just going to be the two of us... You know but I guess not and everytime we go to his hometown they always will end up fishing or, what not and I don't even know how to fish. I tried once and I suck at it. I'm trying to sneak this entry in before my phone dies and its at 38%. My mom needs to hurry up with the drinks because I'm bored as fuck being in the house by myself. I really need to get myself a job. ASAP. But where. I know that I need a job that pays better. I haven't been looking at all ever since I got fired from my recent one. And I haven't been studying from my ACT book because I only looked through the book at least two to three times. I need to study if, I wanna get into Huntingdon college and I really do. And the good news is is that we live right down the street from the college that I'm currently going to and I'm so happy for that. My mom can just drop me off and no I don't have my license and I also need to get into that and study that ASAP.

Write more as soon as possible


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