Do Not Disturb

2018-02-19 01:39:47 (UTC)

I couldn't do it

February 19th,2018
7:40 PM

So, you know how I said I blocked Tyric... Well.... I unblocked him from both messenger and Facebook... I couldn't do it. Its my fault for acting this way towards him. Not his. And its MY fault for him to tell me to stop texting him.... Not his... And now even if, I even try and talk to him he most likely will NOT respond but its not like I give a fuck... Nor does he. He made it loud and clear that he doesn't want me talking to him. We went by the new house today it was filled with dead roaches. Ewwww!!!! Gross. Ikr. We sprayed around the house and tidy up a bit then,we left. It has an attic but you know good and damn well we're,not going into no attic and besides that's something only white folks would end up doing ( no offense and not being races or even trying to) or, at least that's what I see them do in those scary movies. I really wanted an Oreo milkshake so we ( and by we I mean my mom) grabbed one from Burger King and so did my brother but he got the all chocolate milkshake. Not the best choice but I've been begging for one ever since well, ever since we got back from Bibb. And it was worth it. It may not be as thick but it was hella good. I annoy him to much. Tyric. I can tell by the look on his face that I do. So, no matter how bad I wanna text I just can't and I won't. Because I won't. I have a BOYFRIEND. BOYFRIEND. BOYFRIEND. BOYFRIEND. Begged my mom to buy me another journal from Dollar General and she did. Nothing expensive ( $3 dollars and some change) and its in my favorite color (blue) so, of coarse I had to get it and so I did. Yay!

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