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2018-02-19 13:25:01 (UTC)

at 23: Years of Us (part 2 over the weekend)

Over the weekend post delay
My boyfriend and I celebrate our another month together, am looking forward we hit the second year mark! He asked me question on Saturday night that he haven't asked me in months it felt good to hear him say it because I miss his company so much. My boyfriend has so much faith in me with my classes. Am so lucky and blessed to called him my boyfriend. My English professor asked my entire class last Wednesday morning . We had to interview three people if they are single and never been a relationship, married or remarried, divorced at least once. How do you feel about marriage? How do you feel about love? Have you ever felt jealousy? If so- why and how did you handle it?
So I thought I would post it on here to see your thoughts. I will go now, see you guys later,