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2018-02-19 11:43:58 (UTC)

Hi friend ( bad luck! )

Hi friend, am back again to post another entry for Feb.
Its another long one entry
So this time, I'll start with fallout of Wifi connection with school database with my computer. This starts Friday night around 6pm and didn't stop there so next thing appeared the day after is my sister aunty (mom, that was calling her since 8) sorry for backhanding there's a reason for this. Now the situation her fiancé and my mom have, been problems for years that can speak upon isn't mine to tell. So I will tell you what happened with episodes of the fallouts. So it started Saturday morning when I didn't want go pickup Subway, I had reason for it considering what am going through and don't feel like hearing same old stuff. So she asks me if I wanted the food she got from I only said, yes because there's no use. In this my mom threats me for somewhat understandable reason it doesn't make this matter better. Saturday night that I get an text from a close friend her name is Amber, she ask if I was pregnant? because I have been feeling nauseated more than the normal. Tbh! am glad am not right now, I have been under a lot stress and affect the baby that happened to my birth mom when she had me. I do suffer from an eating disorder however I never got diagnosed but I have the symptoms because I get really bad when am stressed with college and my relationship (Its been on here for some years now called: I never told, another just last year too, clarity it I have been facing it). Im trying take better care of myself its often hard. Sunday afternoon I went to the movies to see Black Partner it was a good movie, I have felt awkward again for good reasoning my boyfriend isn't here. So I had gone with my mom and her fiancé it took away me from school stuff it got hard to because a flood of memories of boyfriend and I... Later Sunday night, I called my boyfriend honestly was bored out my mind, I shouldn't be but I was despite the fact that a lot things shouldn't done lack of Wifi connection at the time. We couldn't talk long to it wasn't too bad. Now am going tell you second fallout with the Wifi connection with the school database this appeared around lil before 6am Today. This time I was frustrated because I have deadlines with assignments this week and the fact today is President day. I have one tomorrow in my art class and other on Wednesday. So I have informed to English professor today what happened this time around so am going to original plan I didn't like it but that's a better solution than now stressing over small things. What else to tell what has fallen apart, my art professor is worried not passing his course he has good reason too but I don't have a real option just be working hard, lucky I can ask favor some old friends so I wont lose points any longer.
Well there's more but am going to save that for another entry. Well see you guys later.