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2018-02-18 21:58:33 (UTC)

I told him and I regret it

I told Erin that I liked him... Last night that is and his response and I quote " I don't have a gf and " what about Ray ( my bf). I don't know if, that's a sign that he likes me or, not but then again I just texted him saying to never speak to me again and he responded with a thumbs up. I just got so mad at him that I didn't know what to say so, I said that. And now we're on a not so speaking terms and the only reason why I was starring at him was because he was starring at me that's the reason he only started texting me something as stupid as that. He doesn't even care that I... I have feelings for him. He didn't even say yes he likes me. No he doesn't like me. I don't know why I spent so much time on a guy who's gonna be nothing but a Fuck boy for the rest of his life and he even looks like one. Literally. I mean he's a football player. He never go for me.And yet again he's here. Couldn't this day get any worse than,it already has been. He's been with us since, the day we arrived here at this place. I asked to talk to him alone but didn't respond. Oh well. I tried calling his name all day but never have he ever once talk to me. I guess he doesn't want to talk about it but we have to somehow... Someway or another. I should just give up. Its pointless the guy doesn't like so why do I attend to keep on trying. This has to stop. I have a boyfriend and I love him. But its when he's everywhere we go.
# Bored... He told me stop texting him when I sent him a long paragraph about me mentioning that I had liked him and blah blah blah so instead I blocked him. END OF STORY!!! Their out here playing basketball. At HIS high school. I want to cry. I mean I have a boyfriend. What am I doing? It would be even worse if, he told him. Glad I blocked him. I just wanna go home and be away from him as much as possible. This day sucked like shit balls.

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