Do Not Disturb

2018-02-18 14:33:03 (UTC)


I think that I might like Erin... Not like... I do... But the problem is that he's fucking some random girl that he barely even knows. And that makes me even more mad. Like today we went fishing and he was completely shirtless ( as you may know is one of my weaknesses). But the problem is that he doesn't know that I like him. I mean well besides me sending him a message claiming that he's cute. And he is but as long as he doesn't read it then I'm all good but then again I want him too. So, today didn't go as planned hopefully tomorrow will be better and hopefully Erin knows how to put a shirt on because right now it looks like he doesn't. I mean as much as I enjoy him shirtless and all... He's nothing and will always be a FUCK BOY!!! Maybe he read the messages but didn't respond but st the moment he's fuckin' this girl that I saw him with. Ikr. Jealous much. I hate having crushes on other guys while having a boyfriend... How wrong of me? And what's even worse is that we're spending the night at his house..... And his shirt will be off even more... Why??? Why??? Why??? Maybe I should just tell him that I like him. Or maybe not. The last time I told someone that I like him ( referring to his brother Michael) it didn't end so well. And I also had on crush on two guys him and Malachi that were my boyfriend's brothers and who both happened to be married. One told his wife he told my boyfriend and it just went all kinds of crazy. I got to sit in the front seat with him twice. Or.... Three??? Idk. I kept starring at him and him with me... At least I think. He's probably fucking her as we speak. It seems like they were dating. I even saw them kiss.... Yep... What a bummer??? Oh,well. I have a boyfriend. Boyfriend. Boyfriend. Boyfriend. My Grandma gave me this really cute heart ring and I absolutely love,love,love it. Few minutes later: Well, he fucked her up and apparently good he said and he's wearing nothing but shorts. No shirt. All half naked. It took him at least 20 minutes to do so he said. Bet my boyfriend can do better. This is the most awkwardest ( I know its not a word but this is a diary) sit in car ride that I've ever been in with him. Oh great.. Good my boyfriend's back. It was very..... Weird and unusual but I liked it. It was just a whatever. He's so freaking cute. I'm just rambling on and on right now. I don't even know why I ever consider writing in this diary/ journal but honestly I'm glad I did.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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