Do Not Disturb

2018-02-17 02:28:25 (UTC)

What should I say???

Everytime I at least try and make the littlest of the conversation towards him he never says anything. He told me noe that he rather be with me in person than, ti talk on the phone and he says nothing so as usual I start the conversation. I mean its nit the same as it is in person but you should at least try to talk to your girlfriend and when I actually do try and talk to him still nothing. I love him to death though. I want this to work and it will work. I'm afraid to lose him to somebody else but then again here I am talking about Derrick and Nathan.I do really love him. He's different. Good different. I'm so hungry luckily my mom is bringing me somethinf to eat because their is nothing their left to cook for real. My period on soooo.... Yay for that ( sarcastically). Sometimes my mom gets upset woth me for bo reason like today she was complaining how I needed to walk my dog when I walk hin everyday and she also got all pissed because I let him on the porch and shit out their. I mean its not like I was gonna leave it their. I was gonna eventually clean it up. But its not like I was gonna walk him outside by myself... In the dark. But its whatever. I was kinda bummed out when me and bae was talking on the phone he didn't really say as much but then again he had to go back inside because his break was apparently over but no complaints at least I get to see him tomorrow morning at seven that's when we're leaving for Bibb. I was gonna do this audition thing I signed up for that starts at 4:30 PM but I don't even have mt hair done nor clothes so, maybe next time and I have serious stage fright but then again I would rather still do it. Bae wants me to audition for it. I've never actually auditioned for anything. I saw it on Facebook and signed up. I should've changed my mind. Idk. Singing is my dream. Its just this stage fright is getting in the way. Me and Tyric agreed to be music partners. Like I said before. Their gonna be at this Holiday Inn. I never asked what was it for. I should've. I need to honestly. I texted them about the me being out of town with my boyfriend kind of thing. I mean I could still do it and me and him can still go to Bibb after I auditioned. Idk. I just have to wait and see. I took that stuff out if my hair. It was a lot of gel in my hair and it was hard combing it out when I finished washing my hair. It was sorta basically like a glue in and I hate it because when it gets old you pull it off easy and it... It... Just hurts like shit balls. Lol!... Shit balls. I want some more chocolate. I already ate the box that bae gave to me on Valentine's Day. I don't see why people hate it so much. Its not about just your partner. Its about family,friends,God ect ect... Those kinds of things. But I can't wait to see him tomorriw morning. Yaaayyy!!!!

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