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2018-02-16 17:22:53 (UTC)

Task Report

Hi Master,

I wanted to reach out this evening and report to You in case we don't connect tomorrow. i am thinking it may be difficult as he's planning to take advantage of the entire 3-day weekend and lay low. As always i will do my best both days.

Regarding my task, regrettably it has only happened twice in the week since You gave me the task and i read it last weekend. The first was last Saturday night. It began with the usual foreplay -- and yes, it was You in my mouth as i bobbed and sucked him to full arousal. In fact he had to deliberately pull me up and away to slow things down a bit. We fucked in the usual missionary position and i wrapped my legs around his ass and thighs, opening myself as much as i could, thinking of You as i was told to do. When he came i pushed myself against him and ground my clit against him as best i could, cumming second but not too long after him. After a cuddling session i drifted off to sleep, full of YOUR cum......which trickled out overnight. xoxo

The second time was last night (Thursday). i was brushing my teeth before bed, leaning down to the sink rinsing when he came up behind me and began rubbing my ass playfully. After wiping my mouth clean and glanced at him via the mirror and pushed back into him, teasing side to side as he smiled back in the mirror. He led me to our bed where he crawled between my thighs and licked me until i shuddered to his tongue. Soon thereafter he entered me and fucked me for a short period but i was so sensitive that i nudged him up and into my mouth so i could return the favor and avoid the sensitivity in my pussy. He was kind of aside me on one knee with the other leg over my body and resting on his foot beside me. It was a good position, allowing me to suck and him to rock back and forth as i did. i was looking up at the priceless looks on his face and he finally caught my eye and stared back down. He reached down and rubbed my clit with his fingertip. Despite still being a bit sensitive it did feel good :)
i maintained as steady a tempo as i could and eventually his thrusts took over the rhythm and he fed me YOUR cum. After swallowing every bit i kissed, i kissed YOU.
i will do my best to make #3 happen before we next meet.

Much love and hope i see you this weekend.