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2018-02-16 12:08:32 (UTC)

Keeping head down to get new job

I heard back from the agent this morning saying the manager in charge of the role I interviewed for has been on holiday hence thats why they have not made a decision. its nearly 2 weeks! Apparently a decision would be made early next week (thats what she said last week as well). Well, the good thing is that the door is not shut and I may still get the job. After i gave up waiting I started applying for new jobs and I had a couple of good feedback from agents this morning. i hope to spend this weekend refreshing my subject matter knowledge as I prepare for more interviews.
At my current job i have been assigned a role in an internal project which will be very good experience as it is a new role for me but will be good to add to my skill set.
I Just want to keep my head down and keep studying until i get a new job that I deserve.

Still a stalemate regarding kids fees payment but unfortunately (like i told my son) you cant draw water from a stone. I just wish she could put the future of the kids first. the schools are on half term and my siblings and friends have all gone on holiday with their kids. Since the split up our kids have not been abroad, instead we are squabbling about school fees and the threat of exclusion from school. How can this divorce be her wish. I must say that looking back i prefer my life outside her influence than to be in a marriage with her but surely for the sake of the children it would have been better to stay together but she insisted and you would have thought she had a plan to provide adequately for them . All the family money she stole abroad she told whoever knew about it that it was for the welfare of the children. I wonder why she is not now paying the school fees money i gave her for last term.