Do Not Disturb

2018-02-14 21:30:26 (UTC)


Why is my brother always so got damn loud??? Like I never knew the reason for that. He's just naturally loud. He gives me headaches. That's why I can't wait to leave for Bibb this weekend. Especially to get away from him. He's so loud and obnoxious that its just beyond ridiculous. I know he's my brother but still. Sometimes I just wanna slap him so hard thay he'll regret on ever talking back to me any type of way. He doesn't listen. Never listens to a single word I say. He talks back to everyone even our own mother. And I hate that he does that. And when she talks something important to him he just loom the other way and just laugh about it and he eats... Eats... Eats... And he calls me fat... Look at him. I know this all sounds mean and I know that he's my brother and all but do you think that I give a fuck and oh he doesn't even care for his own dog either. I have to take care of the damn dog while he's at school and when he gets home from school he doesn't even try and walk him... I have to walk him. Last night was the first time that he's ever walked him. He doesn't even let him out of the room to just roam around. Now you see why he's always shitting and peeing in his room. And it just smells aweful as fuck. I take care both him and my dog when he should be taking care of his. Idk why he even got the dog in the first damn place if, he wasn't gonna take care of it anyways. Now I'm gotta go and walk my dog.

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The Forgotten One

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