Do Not Disturb

2018-02-14 20:15:46 (UTC)

Happy Valentine's Day

So far so good. He bought me my favorite flowers.. Roses. Of coarse
I showed off and added it to my day and one of my favorite box of chocolate. I gave him the gift that I had made him that I told you about and he loved it and then aftwrwards we went to Wal Mart and he bpught me roses and chocolate. How sweet is he? We had sex of coarse. We ate Zaxby's after he got some gas for his car and then we came back to my house and had sex in my room.... Nobody was their. The sex was amazing. We're planning on leaving for Bibb Saturday morning..... He left for work. I'm so tired right now gonna take me a quick little nap. Even though its gonna be a long nap. I didn't go to sleep until three this morning because I was to busy watching Step Up: High Water ( which is a good show btw its on Youtube Red if you wanna check it out) other people say its horrible and shit like that but me... I actually like it. I took my birth control pill for the day. I have three more left and I have to get another one and start back all over again. Its helping me putting my cycle back on track and as of now its working very well... I haven't had a perm in months and that's a good thing because I've decided to go Natural. I decided to go vegan but I broke that because I had a Zack Snack at Zaxby's when really I should've gotten a salad. It was nothing but two pieces of chicken fingers or 3 and some fries and a sprite to drink with Zaxby's sause even though I preferr ranch. But luckily we had some at home so I just used the other one when I ran out of the Zaxby's sause. He told me he had his alarm for 9:30 AM and he was gonna surpise me but he ended up coming around eleven because his dad made him clean up. Ughhhhh!!!! Its whatever. At least I got to see him for a little while before he went back to work. But to be honest this was the best Valentine's Day ever.

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