Do Not Disturb

2018-02-13 00:11:10 (UTC)

I finished it

February 13th,2018
5:51 PM ( Now tine 6:11 PM)

My mom had helped print and typed out my poem and pictures for Ray for Valentine's Day. And it turned out absolutely great. I mean except for some grammar errors but overall its fantastic and I can't wait to see his face when he reads it. He's coming tomorrow morning before he heads to work at 2:30 PM. I'm really glad I thought of this idea... I mean it may not seem as much but its the thought that counts. My mom told me to not mention her doing all the typing and printing because I couldn't really type it and print it all out because one I was stuck at home like I do all day everyday. I deleted my covers on the app. I'm just not as good... I'm just an average. I'm glad I won't be lonely on Valentine's Day while even though he's gotta be at work at about around 2:30 PM. But at least I get to 👀 him earlier than, that. I already said this before. I hate when I repeat myself constantly. Especially when I'm writing. Oh, and also I can't wait until, we're able to do more stuff and spend more time with each other this weekend 😊😊😊😊. When I get excited I like to repeat myself as you heard me say twice before... Lol! Whoops!... Sorry about that. I write pretty big for a girl my age. Better than, writing small. My mom has always asked me that.... Well, that's your answer mom. Oh God I do sound white... Not being racist... Just saying... Eh doesn't bother me. I don't know why I had to put that out their.... But I did... And this is a journal/diary or whatever you like to call it soooo, I like..... Anyways, haven't been doing anything all day but be home and lazy. I told you I was a boring person. I tried taking a nap and shut my eyes but my body just wouldn't let it happen and its all because I didn't go to sleep until three this morning. I've always had trouble sleeping and plus don't laugh but I've always kind of been scared of the dark... Their are things that shouldn't be seen... I watched to many scary movies... Lol! I sound like a little kid writing that. I know I'm 19. Laugh it out of your system... feel free. I'm laughing with you. You can't tell me that you aren't as well. So, the only way for me to actually fall asleep is for me to be on my phone and I have an addiction for it... And for this website that I seem to be on everyday reading other people's entries and writing mines..... Like I can't go anywhere without it and its becoming a SERIOUS problem. I need to STOP. I couldn't even survive one day without it if, I could've... Its that bad. Oh, well but I'm not going to let that define my relationship ( or ruine). I've been through to much into trying to find the " right one" and now that I have... I'm keeping him. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!! So, Ethan can KISS MY FURY A** !!! Not that I have one... You get what I'm saying. For all I care. He doesn't. So, why should I. I mean he didn't answer my texts nor calls and when I did call him he didn't answer so, its whatever 😊😊😊. Valentine's Day here I come.

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