Swaroop Das

2018-02-13 17:52:02 (UTC)

My 1st Entry

I think that this is the time for me to start writing my days here. This is not my first try and I had used to write in my "Journey" app but this might be better as it's gonna be public. I don't accept anything from it and don't want to show it to all. These are my personal feelings what I have learned from the world and still learning.
I'm currently studying Electrical Engineering in a Govt Engineering College. Before coming here my life was different and so my thoughts but the more I'm being older, life is teaching a lot of things to me. Every person face the change but in different ways. When I was a kid I couldn't understand the reality or others had taught the different things which is not so similar to the world but the more I am realizing the things myself, I am learning new things. I am facing my life and it's showing the impacts on me. There is a lot of things to learn and I have learned only a few thing which are negligible to the ultimate level of understanding. I know my skills are not good and not sure could these be developed to a certain way but I'm gonna do it regularly and don't care whether somebody is going to know about my process or not.
The modern world has nothing to do with this writings. These only has significance to me or maybe this is one of my passive friend where I could share my thoughts to make me relax. Anyway today I won't write more. There are a lot to write but for now it's goodnight time.