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2018-02-13 16:56:17 (UTC)


Ok i have given up on the getting any news from the interview i did. i find it very unprofessional that the agent did not even think it appropriate to keep me informed. i got an email yesterday saying the second candidate was interviewed on friday last week and they will come back with a decision by yesterday or at least she will give me some feedback yesterday but up until now i still havent heard anything back from them. i have sent a chaser email to the agent just now but realistically as each day passes my hope diminishes. I am gearing myself for a fresh assault on the job market. unfortunately thats how the dice rolls, the struggle continues. I need to ensure i get myself out of this very soon otherwise I may not be able to cope with my future financial commitments. Right now due to the dispute my ex and I have regarding the school fees of the children one of the schools have said the oldest should not come back to school until the fees are paid in full. I expect the other school to follow suit. On this matter I am going to stand my ground even if it means the children staying at home. You can't draw water from a stone. i am trying my best and paying what i can afford and explained the circumstances but we are dealing with someone who doesnt listen and does what she pleases.
I can barely afford transport to work and I have to stop driving my car weekdays to save on petrol. i am really struggling financially it is unreal but I will just put my head down and continue to just manage myself. I find it incredible the way she thinks. She has money from "our savings" she moved to Switzerland not to declare during the divorce, she has her salary that is double mine, she sold the piece of land i was given by the court and she has enough savings and equity in the house. yet she is prepared for her children to stay at home because she deems I should pay the fees i can't afford to pay.