Do Not Disturb

2018-02-13 04:52:51 (UTC)

He knows... He's cool

February 12th, 2018
7:50 PM ( wrote it earlier... Time now... 10:53 PM)

I sent his mom a friend request and she accepted it. I'm just shocked that she even remembers who I am. Notice that I sent her a friend request and not Him. Does she remember who I am? I mean yea otherwise she wouldn't have accepted it. Does he talk about me to his mom? I would ask him but we both know that he won't answer. That's another reason why I unfriended him from Facebook but a guy like him just doesn't give a fuck... Because trust me... I know. Me and Ray will be going to his hometown this weekend and do something up their instead of doing something down here because theirs barely ever anything to do besides going to the mall and that's just something I rarely ever do. I told mom and she said that was fine so yay for me and he wants to be away from his dad as much as possible. I mean I can't blame him for not wanting too. Erin agreed to be music partners since, we both like to sing but I never actually heard him seriously sing only play sing and no worries my boyfriend knows. And that's his cousin. So, don't get any ideas that's just messed up. I'm just surprised he said yes so quickly. I'm writing a poetry book on my wattpad called " Tears of Sorrow" and the reason why I called it that because some of my poems are very depressing yet some people actually enjoy reading them but only have one follower. Oh well. I also wrote a second book called " Diary of a teenage high school graduate" about my life and how it was in high school ect ect... I'm hoping to get it published sooner or later. I published it on the app and people are reading them but I want it to be out their... In the world... You know... Anyways that's all I have for now...

Write more as soon as possible


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