Do Not Disturb

2018-02-11 05:56:37 (UTC)

I did it

February 11th,2018
11:46 PM

Well, its official I unfriended him.... Ethan. He never answered my texts nor calls ( a friend who will always will be one but then again not so sure if we're even friends anymore) and so I said fuck it and besides I have a boyfriend and the only way for him to talk to me if I never had a boyfriend to begin with and we both know that's not happening. Ray is the best thing that's ever happened to me and its not just about the sex because we have some amazing sex ( like today) and he's the only person that I would consider having sex with because he's my boyfriend...😊. I'm in my sleeping mode so, this will do for now. Oh and I almost forgot I decided to go vegan. Its for the best. Mostly for me. Never hurt to try something new.

Write more as soon as possible


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