Do Not Disturb

2018-02-11 17:26:30 (UTC)

Don't leave me on read

February 11th,2018
11:26 AM

You what I hate the most is when you're trying to text someone and it says their active and they see you text them but they just don't wanna respond. I hate when people do that shit. It aggrivates the living hell out of me. We were suppose to be going to church today but somebody didn't answer his phone and by someone I mean my boyfriend even when it said that he was active.. TWICE... It bothers me so much especially when its by the one of whome you love. It just makes you wanna scream but then again why would I care. Theirs a 100% chance that he's asleep. I'm a very impatient person. I don't know why I just don't like the idea of waiting it takes forever to do... The whole leaving people on read when you text them and it says their active through messenger really pisses me off. And that means to tell you that they don't want nothing tobdo with you ans that means something to me ... Hurt that is... Am I being overdramatic???.... Yes maybe just a little but this is who I am. And that I can't stand. Might as well not talk to the person at all. Am I right or am I not???? And he's always been sleeping because of his job. I be wanting to talk to him on the phone but everytime we're on the phone he falls asleep and he goes to work comes back.......... falls asleep. Same routine. I love him I do I just wanna be able to talk to him and I'm only able to see him Saturdays and Sundays. I mean better than, nothing at all. I got to see him yesterday. I doubt that I'll see him today though. Anyways that's my thought for today.

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