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2018-02-10 19:48:26 (UTC)

Self Esteem

My friends and I talked about the self esteem in school, about Tom is going to college. "I've never heard self esteem before!" Mariana explains about my self esteem. Then for the next day, Mariana, May, Christine, and I started to choose a self esteem card with a written markers on it, and read it to yourself quietly. "May, would you like to start?" Christine asked. "Sure!" May exclaimed. May take out the blue card and asked Christine and Mariana: "You are the most valuable." May said. I ate Spanish Rice for lunch, and my phone just started to ring, and it was my boyfriend Ale. Mariana, May, and Christine just screamed jumping up and down, and then I was on the phone, talking flirty "Hey Fretzie, you are my girlfriend in school, and I wanted to know that I beat Tom remember, you are sexy, baby girl." My boyfriend is on the Pavilion. "Aah!" My friends screamed. "Girls, keep it down low,I'm on the phone!!" I said quietly voice.
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