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2018-02-09 11:42:11 (UTC)

Still waiting

Still waiting for the agent to get back to me. The interview was on Tuesday and today is Friday - I have decided not to be profess negativity in my life so i will still be hopeful and positive despite the uncertainty. I can only do what is in my hands which is to continue to apply for jobs and improve my BA knowledge. That's all i can do.

On other matters, I am meant to pick up the children this weekend as per the schedule that we have in place (i.e. every other weekend). i made my older son confirm I will pick them up today only for him to say his mum said I should pick then up next week! i told him to tell her that if I don't pick them up today then i will only be able to pick them up in 2 weeks then as I have arranged my calendar based on the schedule and moreover I am not around next week. This is the same person I sent a request to a while back to change the schedule a week before and she said I didn't give enough notice. I had to inquire a day before and then she changes the schedule! It is incredible.....