Do Not Disturb

2018-02-09 03:08:37 (UTC)

The voiceapp

Just posted my first ever cover of All I want by Emma what's her face forgotten last name too. I admit I've done some covers ever since I downloaded the stupid app but so far I've gotten positive feedbacks. And by positive feedbacks I mean 2 comments, 6 shares and who knows how many likes. I've been debating on whether or not if I should start writing in this journal I've been keeping but never actually wrote in since I got into this whole online diary thing so I said why not. I could do both if I like. No crime done. As well as the singing voice app thing. I think I did pretty well for my first try in a really long time.... I'm not to fond of my singing voice. I mean just like bae said gotta start somewhere. Am I right or am I not? I'm not confident enough of the voice that God has given me. I need to work on that. But once I start singing I get all nervous inside. The whole picture everybody nakes is not really working out for me. But I'll get use to it.... I guess. I'm just you're any other average singer. Nothing new. I mean I having been singing since I was 2 nothing to brag about but here I am sounding like I am but that doesn't mean anything. Right? Of coarse its not. I spend to much talking to myself than to have any actual friends. And to be honest I don't have any and that's just sad. Oh well. I'd rather be by myself than any other. Lol! Who am I to kid? Ever since I've been taking this birth control pill everything's been working out perfectly. Except for the part of my mom knowing. She was gonna know sooner or later. I'm still that innocent girl we all known to love except for me having sex with the one I love. I wish I waited until I met with this perfect one ( and by perfect one I mean my bae) instead of the wrong perfect one that is Zack S. ( A.K.A my stalker of an ex boyfriend who's out of my life and always will be). I admit I wasn't as ready with him than I thought I would be and it hurted like hell for my first time with that guy or and I quote with that wrong guy but I was desperate enough to be with that type of guy but now I found the right kind of guy and that I am greatful and happy for. Guess who ask me to be his bae. That's right. Nathan. But I declined even when he knows I to have a boyfriend. I mean what part of that doesn't he understand. He just doesn't give up now does he.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One