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2018-02-07 15:15:46 (UTC)

Hi friend (it hasnt slowed down yet )

Hi friend,
I am aware that is it length that it was so much that slipped out when talking about that unexpected appeared to me.
Its been a difficult time for me lately but this the first post for this month that I will make till March. So? am going talk about my professors to give you guys an update on that. So the passed four weeks has been hell for me for several times that got me feeling like drowning in the water. So beware with that, the workload is full to the max! :( Each of my professors are have their own teaching style that cannot fucking grasp even that. However, the misfortune of that has pulled in deeper that my depression is fully a display to see on my face am not a good at a poker face. I only have one professor that I love so much, she pushes to think about how I could be as a figure. Even though her workload is heavy can manage that . Am still trying to gather the confidence with other professors well see on that situation. Towards of the end of the January I had posted an entry about a girl close to home, I will keep it simple she is a baby that just graduated from the same high school that I went too,(my brother just graduated there last year) I was a bit nervous as hell and in shock because she didn't reject me either. We are going to continue to be close friends, yay! I am really into astrology that cannot get enough of that. am most connected with Scorpio, Cancer along with Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces. The least is Leo and Aquarius ( within that said I do ignore astrology from time to time). So? I don't always follow it that you should get a deeper level who am in that sense. I forgot to mention this girl crush for a strong reasoning too, her name is Celly, I will explain how these feeling are getting stronger, I haven't fully worked how am tell her my feels because I am taken, I am hoping that doesn't put me in awkward phase once more. I don't want sound weak when I text her this instead in person. Am done hiding behind objects that we have for moments that can get lost in context , that's the one thing that I reminder in my interpersonal communication class that been about 3 or 4 years now. Some things that I choice to say about myself on here are quite real for me. There's a bit more that will tell you, lets see.....Ummm. Next weekend will be an year and 4 months, I see my future constantly forming who I want to become in my life. First to have a double major I say this now because I really enjoy writing and I love Japanese animations Second is become mother that often want to happen soon, and the man that loves me so much. I took my time to write this out just in case all my struggles has pulled me back that hasn't changed me completely that love loyality that I have towards shapers pieces of glass. I especially want to say thank you! accepting my flaws of my broken words of darkness I have tons of them. I am so lucky to have my babe that seen me worst and my best we had made through it all so far, cant wait to see you again. I will see you guys so soon and update you guys more.
I am big fan of Miley Cyrus lil sister Noah! :) Matoma - Slow (feat. Noah Cyrus) [Live Version] and Noah Cyrus - We Are... (Lyric Video) ft. MØ
I have to get going now, need to study and finish some homework.