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2018-02-07 15:48:42 (UTC)

On Track

So i am on track with my general progress. i had my second interview yesterday which lasted for 1.5 hours but generally was ok. So it is a matter of waiting to get feedback. I was happy with my performance although i wasn't able to answer 2 questions because i couldn't remember not that i didn't know the answers. I am more or less coming to the end of my current phase. I don't think i can push this my current financial state along any further after this month. It is a real struggle. I borrow every month and when I get my salary it is not enough until i get paid the following month so the borrowing starts again, an endless circle. Its so important that i get this job, so important!

I also have concerns about the security and finance checks that will be done if I get the job, as the job is in finance. and my credit has not being good for a while but I did pass the checks when i started my current job but since then one of my companies has been wound up so i am not sure the impact that will have.. I am very nervous about getting the job and then worried about the checks then there is the issue of managing when to hand in my 1 month notice as I cant do this before the outcome of the checks. Never ending but just happy to be in a position where i can begin to earn the money that can take me to the next level.