Do Not Disturb

2018-02-07 04:05:33 (UTC)

Big Suprise

Ray told me that he has a surprise for me. I'm not to fond of surprises but i guess we just have to wait and see he also said that we'll be going to Gateway Park this Saturday if it doesn't rain...Ethan finally texted me back but the only reason was because I told him I was mad even when I wasn't... Okay maybe a little... But only because he haven't responded the day he hung up in my face and told me that he all of a sudden had to go to work because his so called boss called him in and it was around 12 that night but ever since then he never bother om texting me... Oh well fuck him... I got bigger things to worry about... Like my boyfriend... He's just a friend and always will be... And besides if me and him were ever together I wouldn't think it would work out as much as I would think it would. We're finally moving into our own place really soon... A house that is... Can't wait... But the problem is my dog is going to be outside instead of inside at least that's what my mom told me... Which is a bummer... To me that is... 8 more days until Valentine's Day... Hope to do something special for both me and him... To show him how much I love him... I didn't really do anything but stayed at home all day... I walked my dog... But that's about it... I weigh exactly 183.3 pounds. Is that a lot??? Of coarse it is. And that I have to lose. So while we're at the park I could excersize along the way. Get some training in. I need it. Theirs nothin their left for me to do. I still need a job even though I haven't been quiet looking for one. I need to start on it asap. I won't be doing anything just by laying in bed all day and being lazy as if something that I already do. I feel so fat after eating that chocolate cake after dinner ( which was chicken Alfredo and a side salad). Ugly was nice enough to give us some.... My mom to be ex. He just thinks that she will crawl back to him just because he given us some chicken Alfredo and that everything will be fine. He says he and I quote " changed" well at least that's what I heard from when they were talking on the phone. I know its not polite to listen to other people conversations but I can't help it... Its a part of who I am. Waiting on bae to call be like.... Ughhhh!!!! I've beem stressed out lately... Ever since well the whole meet and greet family situation. I have a feeling they don't like me. I just stayed close to my boyfriend as much as possible because I don't know them as well. So I let him have it.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

P.S. Excersize more... Eat less