Do Not Disturb

2018-02-04 02:36:57 (UTC)

Maybe this was a mistake

So far coming down here was a big mistake. And I complete and utterly failed. I mean I was ignored pretty much the whole day even by my own boyfriend. We went to one of these not so fancy restaurant and that restaurant was called " Jalapino Mexico Restaurant".. I felt ignored..... I would talk but I didn't want to and I quote " ruin the moment". I know my boyfriend haven't seen his family in a really long time and so I let him have it besides he spends every minute of every days with me. And I love those every minute of every days with him. That's just me wanting his attention. I'm just afraid that I'll say something stupid and so I just didn't say anything at all. I can be fun when I want to. I just chose not to. Theirs nothing wrong with not having fun. Met a few of his people who seems quiet friendly. One of the lady paster that use to go to this old church next door said that I was and I quote " pretty". I was flattered even when at the most I never felt like it because of my flabby arms but I appreciate her compliment. I felt so dizzy that I felt like throwing up every minute of every second... But I didn't. At the restaurant I decided to order a lemonade to drink and a B1 burrito for $7.50. I thought I be more detailed about my day. We happen to spend the night at one of his cousin's house that happens to be married no worries. And besides their cousins. That's just sick...On the other hand sometimes I just hate my life... I don't really like my boyfriend cousin lets call him Erin. He said that I needed to be more fun. I just responded back with a " Maybe I don't wanna have fun" kind of thing. Bae is sleep. He haven't had his sleep ever since... Well ever since this morning. My stomach still feel all bloated inside.

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