Do Not Disturb

2018-02-01 10:49:52 (UTC)

Get a job - Part 2

Exactly what does me having trouble sleeping having to so with me getting a job. She throws it at me all the time. Just a reminder this all happen at four in the morning and she and I both know I have trouble sleeping. I just got fired from my recent job and she expects me to find another job so quickly a job can't just come out of nowhere and then BOOM I'm hired. I seriously need a job so I won't have to hear her say it ever again. She does this everytime and then she calls me lazy when I actually do something and that is clean up the house and them she said and I quote " cleaning up the whole house tomorrow" I mean its not like I do that already because I'm the only one that actually does it. I have to otherwise she'll have a fit about it and I get no help whatsoever
by my brother because he always half cleans everything and he's 12... so I have to do everything because I'm and I quote " the oldest". That's all I hear now days. I know this sounds like me complaining. And it is but I have a right too. This happens to me every single day and I'm still being called lazy because I'm the kind of person that stay up all night sleep all day kind of person. I can't help it. Yea yea no such word as can't but it is in my vocabulary. My sleeping schedule is off at the moment. I have trouble sleeping. I be on my phone so much maybe that's the problem... Hell it is the problem. It feels like I let my phone take over me. Maybe if I'll put my phone down I'll actually get some sleep. I always put on some smooth sounds to help me fall asleep and it actually works and that's the only thing that helps me fall asleep. My mom said she has a suprise for me when she gets off work hopefully its not to terrible. Theirs this movie called Harriet the spy that I've been obsessed with watching and sometimes that the only movie I'll actually watch it considering that's now my favorite movie of all time. I mean who knows how many times I done watch it. I lost count. I don't even think I was even counting at that time. Diary I think we may have a problem. And when I mean we I mean we.

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