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2018-02-01 09:37:36 (UTC)

PEI Dream

I had the best dream last night.
I was taking my daughter to PEI on a vacation. There was a highway that had some weird rotary on it and very close to every exit was a place where I had some roots in PEI, and on the rotary was this weird fancy hotel.
The first exit had a cool small town and all the Carter's that I grew up with from Souris, PEI. All of them were there, happy, healthy.
Soon people I knew from my old band Dimensia 13 were there (Kensington/Summerside/Tignish). Alissa O'Connor was there. Somehow we ended up back together and each had something we'd been keeping in our wallets of each other all these years. I had some kinda receipt for a movie, a picture of her and some skater guy she used to date, and a photomat thing of 4 pics of her and her sister Chrissy together making faces. She had some old ScotiaBank red bank card of mine in hers. None of these items ever existed in real life. We went on about how far back we go and it was weird, in retrospect, but really happy in the moment.
Then there was some kind of court care/trial and somehow the accusation hinged on some kind of impossibility of me knowing all of these people and having good loving relations between them all and within them all. We laughed it off because we all had a deep history and a lot of love and respect for each other and won the case.
It was great seeing all of these groups together and all getting to know Raine.
If only my real life was so rich.

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