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2018-01-31 21:45:36 (UTC)

Stomach cramps

I hate having stomach cramps. Its my least favorite part of being s girl. Not that I don't enjoy being one because I am one. And it hurts worse when you're on you're period and you feel all bloated and shit wanting to throw up as much as possible. The best thing about is that we women can talk about anything and everything... Almost everything. Do lady/men ( half women half men) still have periods dreaded up as a women wanting to be guys? That thought always occured to me. Of coarse they do. They just happen to be a lady in a men's body. I can never tell if their a boy or girl ( sorry if this offends any one and I'm probably gonna get hates for speaking my mind like this n it usually never happens) but I can clearly see it now and only if they have boobs. Are they not happy with themselves? Sometimes it makes me highly uncomfortable especially if one tries to flirt with me and I have had that happened before with one of my ex's that I was with at that time like excuse me I have a boyfriend... I'm not gay. Never was. Never will be. Not that I have any problems with gays it just makes me feel highly uncomfortable.... Like I'm straight... And which most don't seem to get... I wonder what they call a lady that dresses as a man... A she/man???.... Ughhh!!! I can never see myself being gay. Because I'm not. I get to see him this weekend. Yay! Even though I see him like every weekend it makes me feel all happy inside.... He makes me happy.

P.S. Just my opinion

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