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2018-01-29 08:15:35 (UTC)

A Girl surperised me where i live

Dear dairy,
The feelings have towards girls has been coming through strong the way I love my boyfriend. I say this now because it has appeared yesterday when I was with my mom picking up dinner, when a classmate do you go so and so? and am like yea, but am nervous and excited bit didn't recognize her she was in uniform. Am like wow she notice me am nobody? she remembered me after two weeks of damn semester. I don't know her name yet honestly our class is max out so am not close with anyone there. Until yesterday evening that changed suddenly, yay! :) She said would like to make a study group I mean she actually agree to it with no. hesitation, I was thrilled therefore it got comfortable she wasn't so much a stranger to. So I see her tomorrow in class. I was easily distracted because I was attracted to her. Am damn wanting to get to know her more than a friend. The rush isn't new just want take the leap with girl how far could go with my sexuality. Knowing I love myself is first is easier am not a stranger to myself. I need get going. I see you guys soon.