2018-01-28 23:04:58 (UTC)

As we capture the moment

Yes a brand new day. As we wake in the morning we start our day. One moment at a time as the Stepping Stones strengthen the pathway to peace yes a brand new day. As we reflect and look up to the sky we see the reflections of the clouds the Serene serenity and our destiny as the Angelic Whispers our victory and may our joy be complete.

the clouds drifting through the skies not a care in the world the grace to unfold. To let go and let God finish his will for your life just as he has promised to set you into a a new world of peace Love and the evolution of trust that continues to unfold yes a brand new day. As we continue we realize the power we embrace is beyond the world . To be calm and joyful. Yes a brand new day. we reflect on this truth the sooner the better we continue on and on and on. The pathway to peace as the mighty Sun dips past the Glorious evening sea... yes a brand new day remember what your father told you live a life of love No Worries and realize yes we are free believe it a brand new day.