Do Not Disturb

2018-01-28 07:03:51 (UTC)

Why would he???

feel so fat right now. And That's because well I am.. Ever since I had to plated of everything . I've never hated myself so much and its only because of my looks. I HATE IT. Why I can't be like the other girls? I know God created me for who I am but sometimes I just don't like who I am. Why would Anthony S. would even consider on saying hey to me? Its just weird. But like I said the only reason was because he knows I have a boyfriend now through Facebook but I don't care.

P.S. Oh and on the other me and bae had sex three times today... I was wet... Lol ( don't know why I had to put that here but its a diary isn't it)...even though I forgot to take my birth control pill before we did but I took it right after we had sex... I hooe it doesn't affect anything because like I said a million times I'm not looking forward to getting pregnant. I'm only 19.

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