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2018-01-27 21:53:26 (UTC)

Renewable and non renewable resources

I will start with non renewable resources, fossil fuels. First all fossil fuels will not last forever, they are going to eventually run out. Comparing that to renewable resources such as solar energy, wind power, and water power, these resources can give us the power that we need to survive and thrive as a human race. In using fossil fuels we are constantly polluting our air and water. Every time we use these we are depleting the resource. We will not ever see more oil made in our lifetime, once it's gone, it's gone forever. Fossil fuels are cheap and easily available, but are constantly polluting our environment. Renewable resources are such things as water power and solar power. The benefits of these are that they do not pollute our earth. With most of these relies on the weather. We need the sun to shine for solar, we need the water to go faster for hydro power and of course the wind needs to blow for wind power. The biggest pollutant is coal it releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There are no pollutants caused from renewable resources. I think hydro power will be an excellent source of energy, it's one of the only sources that comes from motions of the earth. Solar power is a great resource it can be used long term and is free.

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