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2018-01-26 10:25:23 (UTC)


My finance is a like a noose around my neck. It just drains me. I got paid yesterday but I was already 2 months rent in arrears so I had to pay for 3 months and then paid the child maintenance due and i was let with very little, just enough to get me by for today! The kids are coming over for the weekend and I will need to go and shop for food today and will need to have some money with me because they always end up needing one thing or the other. I have to return the small loan my brother gave me as I promised i will return today, I also have bills and commitments in the next few days and weeks. it is endless! So frustrating and draining. Its like being in a trapped house with many interlinking corridors. You keep on moving from one corridor to another, taking different turns but you are still trapped in the house.

On the bright side i now have an interview on Tuesday for a freelance job which hopefully will go well so that i can get called into their office for the second interview. I am very close to how far I can kick the tin down the road with my current financial circumstances. it doesn't add up and things will crumble very soon. I need to get a freelance job within the next 1 month.