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2018-01-25 11:13:45 (UTC)

Interview in pipeline

I got called by an agent yesterday that I will have an interview (telephone interview) for a freelance job in an investment bank. This will be the first stage and I am sure if i go through I will get called to come into their office for a face to face interview. I am pretty sure I will do well but I need to prepare properly for the interview and potential subsequent one. I am doing my work well and reading well but m,y morning exercise is suffering because i sleep a bit later than i should and this has a rippling effect as I wake up to read later and go back to sleep later and then finally wake up to go to work with little or no time to exerciser and read my bible. This is the next challenge I have to improve on. Usually my stomach feels tight and firm but right now it just feels so loose and uncomfortable. Need to go back to my daily morning exercise.