Do Not Disturb

2018-01-25 04:54:38 (UTC)

Talk about gaining so much weight

While up today I felt hungry. I wasn't in the mood to eat any thing but I had no choice but to. Besides its not like I can starve myself to look any skinnier... Can you??? I've tried so many Times bit its no use. I have to eat something or I'll just go completely insane. I talk so much about my weight and so little about my life but what's their left to talk about... Absolutely nothing. I wonder how its like to be skinny again. I've gained so much that its ridiculous. I mean I'm not as fat but a girl with flabby arms and a stomach that looks like she's pregnant when you're not.... This one girl thought I was pregnant when I wasn't. I believe she was calling me fat I'm not so sure because all this happened around right after prom and so ever since then I've always had trouble with my weight and what I eat. I always say that I would excersize but I never do except that one time the other day but I just gave up and deletes the damn app.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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