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2018-01-23 11:48:42 (UTC)

This and that

I am still trying to sleep off my weekend outing! I really struggle nowadays after going out. Takes me days to recover from all the drinking and sleeping at odd hours. I felt a bit sad last night and overnight and dreamt of so many things. It was incredible the amount of action I packed into one dream. I have not been able to do my usual waking up to study and my morning routine (excersie, read bible and pray). I have been a bit sad but I need to get back to my routine. Not getting the response I was hoping from the person i met recently had a bigger efect on me than expectted and it triggers a lot of recent sadnees and unhapiness that had happen. It amkes me feel heavy and not able to get up from the bed.

My mum called me today to be sensitive and give my older sister moral support has she went through depression when are marriage collapsed about 7 years ago but they never divorced. Now the husband has filled for a divoce. I think she should have been more proactive about the whole situation and be stronger and put matters in her own hands, I guess people are different so will support her as much as I can.

I just want to go back to concentrating on getting the freelance job I am looking for. All my finances is geared towards that. I dont think i can go beyond the month of Febraury without changing jobs.