Do Not Disturb

2018-01-23 23:14:04 (UTC)

Hate comments

All of my entries are nothing but depressing... Well,most of them at least. I don't know what to give my mom for her birthday. I have zero money left. The money that I had I bought myself some gummy worms because I was craving for something sweet and that I haven't had for a long time now. Maybe I'll just give her something as simple as a birthday card like we do almost every year but handmade... Handmade birthday cards are always the best.. I hope mine come out as well as it should. I said this once and I can say it again... I absolutely hate my singing voice I sound so bad when I record my voice and when I try and hit those high notes I just bail on it everytime. Wish I was as good as those I'd see on Youtube. I'm never gonna share my singing on Instagram,Youtube,Facebook ect... Because I will get nothing but straight up hate comments because I will. I can never see myself singing in front of people because I get to nervouse when I do. I recorded myself one time on this voice app that I still currently have singing onenof the songs silent night last year over Christmas and with only being said I only got two comments and I've gotten 10 shares but I know that those 10 shares maybe talking mean shit behind my back. I'm not very fond of my voice. Maybe I'm not cut out to be a singer. Maybe just need to stick to being a writer. I'm not an expert on singing. I mean yea I've been singing since I was 2 yeard old but that doesn't mean anything. I wish I had other people's voice as better as mine ever did. I know that God gave me this "gift" but this gift I suck at.

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