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2018-01-23 00:12:51 (UTC)

No name

2:13 PM

I meant to post this earlier but its whatever. So, my boyfriend decides to call his brother only after it being a year of him not talking not talking to him ans his "wife" had put us through some shit... They donte put us through??? You know Malike. I'm so glad I blocked him from my life and his so-called "wife" I could never forgive him nor her no matter what my boyfriend says or anyone for that matter. He knew I was horny. He had to leave... Something about a "family crisis. Sometimes I wonder what be going on in his mind lately all he's ever done is working and sleep but he told me that his shift changes next month frpm 2:30 PM-10:30 PM and that's not enpugh at least for me. He has a graveyard shift from 10:30 PM -6:45 AM. And I only get a chance to see him on the weekends. Better than not seeing him at all. Am I right? At least he's got a job. Unlike myost of my ex's and he's not like all of my ex's ( which makkes him a grest boyfriend) and as you can see at least I'm trying to trust him. I miss Nathanal but he's not talking yo me and that's good enpugh for be bevause he and I both know that I have a boyfriend. I just don't see what's wrong with just being friends but its his lost not mines. I got zero sleep last night. I was to busy watching Goodmorning Call ( which is a very good shoe but it only appears on Netflix). Since my mom's birthday is Wednesday I'll just give her something simple as a birthday card. Lucky enough that I saved that dollar huh andI kmow it doesn't say much but still. Save the big ome for the next time ( the gift). If I ever actually get a job. If only I was aa skinny as the other girls I would see in TV commercials,pictures, and as well as magazines. I'd rwther have it raining than, cold any day. All my brother knows how to do is play his game. He doesn't even kmow how to take a shower properly nor take the trash out... Because he doesn't. And my mom expects me to do all the work bevause I'm the oldest while my brother doesn't do anything but play the game.

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