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2018-01-22 11:01:56 (UTC)

Last Saturday night

My friend lost his mum so we set up a whatsapp group and did a collection which we presented to him on Saturday night. He was pleasantly surprised. We made a night of it and had such a good time. My Sunday was a whitewash (as i get older i find it difficult to be able to do anything the next day after a night out). I didn't even wake up on time to make football talk less of church!

I did register on a couple of online dating sites to see what is out there. I have met a couple of people but I haven't really met anyone that will inspire me to think seriously of long term relationship. I have been chatting to someone in particular which I felt had the potential to do this as I did like what I saw thus far. I wasn't going to waste my time so i put it to her that we should give it a go but unfortunately she was honest and told me she wasn't feeling the chemistry which was fair enough as it allowed for a clean break without getting emotionally involved. I was surprised that I was so disappointed. I didn't expect it to affect me that much. I have a dinner date on Wednesday but to be honest I am I don't think anything will come out this date as I don't feel inspired from what I have seen so far.