Do Not Disturb

2018-01-22 04:48:38 (UTC)

Frosted Sugar Cookies

8:37 PM

I was just debating on whether or not if I should eat my last frosted sugar cookie or save it for another day and so since it was the only one I had left I just couldn't let it go to waste and so I decided to eat it... And that was the best last frosted sugar cookie ever. One of my favorites actually. But I eat them entirely to much for my head to keep hurting but it was worth it but I don't think that that would be the only thing to make my head stop hurting. I just hope I don't get or have a sugar rush... You can get those right... Gosh I sound like an idiot... Of coarse you can... And besides it happens... To me and way to many times and you won't enjoy it.... Nooo not at all... I saw a really cute guy today but then again I had to make myself realize that I have a boyfriend... I hate that every guy I see is cute but I have a boyfriend. Not that anything's wrong with that and I am happy with him. Theirs no wrong or right to this.

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