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2018-01-17 23:43:04 (UTC)

Nothing much happened today...

Nothing much happened today... So today I ate three slices of pizza for dinner nothing big even though it was quit unhealthy and the only resson was because I was very hungry. I never really planned on eating Breakfast and Lunch... Maybe if,I just skipp them and just only stick to eating dinner them maybe it will help me become skinnier. Its not like I was skinny anyways... I dome mothing but the usual and I omly walked my dog and that's the only thing I ever do besides being lazy because I apparently have nothing else better to do with my life. Ray has to go to work ( bae) tonight so he's gettimg as much sleep as posssible. I've started tp write inna journal again no worries I'll still keep up to date. I'll just type everything out on here from my current handwritten snd I admit is a lot of work but eh.... I hate it when he doesn't answer mt tedt or calls but I anawer his. Something their is very wrong. Me and bae had sex yesterday blah blah blah even when I'm suppose to take mt birth control my mom told me to take it next Sunday because I didn't get it Sunday of last week. And its starts of on a Sunday. The Doctor told me to take it every single day. Anyways, we had sex... In my room...he wanted to even when my mom was here he's gonna have to take no for an answer sometimes because I'm not looking forward into getting any type of trouble... He wanted to do this before he went to work the next day ( which is today) and the only problem is is that I only get to see him on the weekends because he's always busy with work and all better seeing him on the weekend then not seeing him at all... And also since I currently have no job at the moment...But my mom had came in with an application from Domino's I mean as much as I love pizza and all I don't know if, I wanna work their or not and what's even shocking is me getting tired of eating pizza even when its mt favorite food ar the moment. I miss Derrick but I know he's not missing or thinking about me at all. Nobody even considered on telling me he was going to the military nor him so I know he's definently not thinking of me but honestly I don't care anymore. I hope to never see him again. I woild always try to start one small little conversation with him but he just pushes me away. Unlike the last time we spoke... Over texts... Whe. All I said was hey hows it going and he just responded with andntokd me how he was a so call " very vusy person" so I gave up on trying with him. Me and him only had sex one time and that was that but that was when I liked him even when he was somewhat comsidered a family member to me... To us... And I was like obsessed with him oh and get this I was on Instagram the other day looking on my page to see how many likes I got on this one particular picture and I noticed that one of my ex's liked one of my pictures the one that stalked me and what I like to xall him... " The Abuser" because he would always someway try and find a chance to hit me and he broke up with me and that I'm glad I did. He saw a pic of me and my boyfriend I bet but it doesn't matter now because I šŸš«blocked him...

Write more as soon as possible


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