a walk through my mind
2009-02-16 16:10:37 (UTC)

Sadies dance

Sadies dance tonight, its already a bit nerve racking. I don't know many people at this school, so this may be a good chance to make some. that girl becca was their, i sense that she has a thing for me. She kept trying to dance with me haha although i don't know why. while i was their i really only found myself drawn to one person, Makenzie? i think her name is. although i don't know much about her, for some reason i find myself drawn to her. Maybe she has a bigger part to play than i realize. Reguardless my time with her was cut short as i was interrupted by the Chinese kid, kasum. i guess they were dating or something? i don't wanna step on any toes. i found out that my old friend ean goes to this school, i haven't seen him in a long long time. still the same ol goof i remember him to be haha. The girl who keeps stealing my satchel was there aswell, although she hasn't said much to me. her and Jessie seem to be good friends. While I'm unsure of anyones intentions at this point, atleast i know where i stand.
good night for a stroll....

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