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2018-01-13 03:44:40 (UTC)

Entry #94 - The day is on

Okay, so, as you see by the time of the diary, I am writing this in the very early morning. Why, you ask? Because I honestly am SOOOOO fucking sleepy I have a reason to believe that I may oversleep my train and that's a no-good for me. As of when the train arrives.. it arrives in 11:29 and this moment will finally be the moment when the end comes. All the talking, the chat, everything, the reason why I go to City 7 is to fuck Catlady and to stay with her. She started liking me a lot recently and after we started going to the cycle of her hormones plus my hormones equals more of her hormones, the connection exponentially became into a chat that it is known and promised everything. There are only 2 options. And these 2 options she has no goddamn control of it, which I like it so far. Like her body or dislike her body.

Nownownownow, it's not like I haven't seen it, it's just her paranoia, saying that there is difference between pictures and reality. I totally agree on that, but she didn't scammed the pictures. She sent them herself on Viber, it's not like I saw only Facebook pictures. And in the end I tell her what will happen if I don't like her and she said in the end that this option is possible. Holy fucking Universe, no, the moment you created the "You may not like me" along with the moment "If I don't like you" it was born the option. I mean, I haven't even thought of what will happen if I don't like her. It's not because I am easily trustable, it's because the chance is 0 goddamn percent.

Her paranoia went straight the fucking roof, so much, I had to promise her, by her request mind me, to tell her when I get off my train and see her do I want to fuck her.

Now, see, if ask about body type, I would say just perfect, because she is not anorexic as shit and she is not fat as shit. I mean, she is the exact perfect ammount of sexy meat. And she thinks that the reason why no one likes her is because she is fat. No, it's not. In fact she is so fucking sexy every man will think "Oh, she has a boyfriend, I don't stand a chance."

Goddamn, good think I started writing... I thought I will oversleep everything, but now my mind is running... and by the excitement of today my veins on my boner as well.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have talked in the past how much split I am between 5 girls for example and 5 plans, but listen up... I am not a fuckboy. I will not leave Catlady. The reason why all that shit how much I will see my old fuckbuddies and all that is because my desperation went so over the top I just wanted to find myself a fuck-toy which I will love after she is fucked. Now, you may say that this is the case, I was thinking how much it will be fun, fucking Catlady because she is desperate and I can use that, but already for a while now, couple of weeks now I like her, because of her. Because she may be the chosen one. THE perfect ammount of awkward, sexy, horny and loveable. So, in the end, I hope this becomes more of a relationship thing than a fuck thing. She herself said, that she is pretty serious about relationship stuff and the only thing that is seperating from a real relationship is all that distance I have to travel. So, basically, going there marks the start of our relationship, kind of. We haven't really talked about it, because of her paranoic tendencies, but I know that this is the exact thing that will happen.

Okay, time to go. I will probably update in the train.