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2018-01-12 11:29:17 (UTC)

Finding who are with the guy stolen your heart

Reflection of what I thought relationships are perfect.
I use to think that relationships need to be perfect all the time, I thought for years however I recently took hold of the sad truth about how I felt. It took a lot out of me, to the pointed it tested my limits with my man I love with my heart and soul. He knows I have tested his patience too, I have accepted that because I didn't want loose him. By this point I felt discouraged from my family and close friends opinions about how they felt and I have let that control me. To be tore up inside of chasing a guy to see me, when I should've waited to come to me and I have and yes its hard as fuck but I love him. I don't think we are going have much trouble talking now and knowing that we are both individuals is important to realize that we need time for ourselves we are human beings too. I can say Love can change but the love towards someone is something that I wont change that I could see in my eyes. Our relationship is taking on another adventure its scary but its worth it the glass pieces that from the window. This relationship we have taught us so much how we grown into ourselves we didn't know to handle it. Am starting to believe we can do anything together because, I still see my life with guy that made me a better person. I feel very humble, happy and to have my man still with me in 2018. I am ready to take that ride with you wherever that will be.

Tonight we celebrate my brother that's now 19 birthday, gosh times flies by. Next week I go back to finish last pieces of first degree am excited because I will be applying next degree in the summer can't believe its about that time again. I texted an old classmate D, its been a year she's doing well too that was last night, and yellow green eyes emailed me late December she was hella proud of me of how am working so hard.
You stolen my heart, James