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2018-01-12 18:37:24 (UTC)

2018 update

Hey.... It's a new year...
All think celebrate as if it's a new life maaza not me. For me it's just a change of calendar. Anyways but today's is 12th day of the year and seems to be not so good. All my time management is going wrong, my work is getting ruined and m fuckedup, m afraid of this yr
My 2017 was not productive but it wasn't even negative so I have expectations from new year. Coz lot is saved for this year.
Few days back i gave an interview and got selected but I dint like the company so refused but surviving here is also getting difficult or rather unhappy. I want happy work place , good work, positive vibe. Anyways I think whatever is happening is happening for good. So I want to take it sportingly. Rest God is great.

Cya comeup soon