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2018-01-12 11:22:18 (UTC)

No Time

There is just no time for all the things I need to do. Time is going so quickly. I need to equip myself financially for my real purpose in life. I plan to retire in about 10 years time and serve the under privileged and dedicated my time and resources to helping them.
I need to get myself out of this current financial rot i am in where i am living from hand to mouth and borrowing money all over the place, no more time to waste, every minute counts
I need to ensure i am financially stable for the inevitable expenses that will come my way - this always happens in life. I need to build a nest. There is no time, the shocks can come any time.

I need to synchronize with my own clock. my main clock ticks away and every other activity or action has its own little clock ticking away. I need to make all these clocks tick in sync and attach to the main clock. The clocks are mine and should tick at the right pace that will ensure i achieve all my objectives.

I have no time and i need my clock to be in sync.