What I Know, Feel, Think, Dream, and Realize
2018-01-10 19:14:48 (UTC)

A Re-Introduction

Well, if I am going to start over on this again I guess I'll reintroduce myself again. Well, if you already couldn't tell my name's , but please refer me as I prefer it better. I am in college and don't really know what I want to major in. I had thought maybe going into plumbing or electrical would be fine because it makes good money, but there inst anywhere here in this damn city. I guess I'm doing good at home, boring as hell, but it's got its little charms that don't make it too terribly bad. Right now during college and managing life, I accidentally stumbled, or re-stumbled on this dairy site thing. And apparently I have quite a few of entries I don't remember writing. Oh yeah I should make that clear; I have a memory problem. It's come to the point where I carry a pocket notebook around in order to go by every day. It's annoying, but I'd be lost without it. Seems like I've had memory problems since before writing in the past entries. Now I'm trying to figure out this mess. All these family things and problems I apparently had, and even something about a T-shirt I don't get. Well that's it for the first entry, well the one I'll remember anyways. I would delete the others, but I need them to help me remember, thus this is a reintroduction.